10 Stories About How an Accident Turned People’s Lives Upside Down

According to Honoré de Balzac, accident is the greatest novelist in the world.

On the Web the stories of people whose life had completely changed because of one accidental action.

  • I’m 30 years old, own a pub, and ride the subway to work. I’m pretty muscular and tall. I once saw a girl with a backpack who couldn’t get out of the subway car by herself. I decided to help her: I grabbed her hood and left with her. The next morning, I saw she was looking for me, so we spent two months together with me helping her to leave the car.She let me listen to her music and generally seemed nice and modest. I even began to regret she was only 15 years old. Yet one day it turned out she wasn’t going to school, as I thought, but to work at the Division for Social Policy, and she was 25 years old. It turned out I was helping an official to get out of the subway for 2 months, holding her hood. And it would have been my most epic fail for 30 years if she hadn’t agreed to go to a cafe with me.
  • I learned something great! When I was in 4th grade, we were presenting flowers to our teachers before the summer holidays, and I had a huge expensive bouquet. I should have given it to a teacher, but…. They were all cruel and unfair! So I gave it to the one who really deserved it: our cleaning lady. Yet the next year she didn’t come. And now, after nine years, my friend told me that she was his neighbor, and back then she was so happy she left the school and started her own business. He said I gave her hope.
  • “I cannot meet my destiny without makeup,” I’ve always told myself. Until I fell in the bathroom, breaking my leg in two places. I went to the emergency room with a half-shaved leg, half-removed nail polish, in my grandmother’s sweater, and with no evidence of makeup. I met my destiny there: a guy with a broken arm and a half-shaved beard. We’ve been together for five years already.
  • One night I heard something fall in the living room. It was a book. It fell down from a shelf and opened at a page headed “How to lose weight.” It got me thinking.
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