How For 5 Minutes To Cure Nasal Discharge – Advice From Chinese Doctor!

Nose discharge can denote a serious disease, and that is what people don’t pay much attention at. Massaging certain points on the face can help the body recover much faster. In this way the inner strength of the body to fight against discharge is being activated.

Lou Hunsen, an MD in China presents this effective technique. It can help you cure a running nose.

  • Point 1 – follow the line of the eyebrows and the point is located above the nose root.
  • Point 2 – there are symmetrical points on both of the sides on the face which are hardly noticeable indentations, 2cm from the edges of the eyebrows. Press them at the same time.
  • Point 3 – there are 2 symmetrical points at the beginning of the nose near the edge of the eye sockets. Massage them simultaneously.
  • Point 4 – there are symmetrical points which are spaced 1.5 cm from the nose.

These points need to be massaged with the tips of the fingers for a minute. Press strongly, but not to the point where you feel pain. It is not important in which direction you’ll massage the points, but it is important to have a sense of pressure on the points. After the first massage, your nasal run will stop immediately. If needed, repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day.

How does it work?

According to the Chinese medicine, the most significant thing in the human body is proper flow of the blood. If there is stagnation somewhere in the body, then in those areas development of diseases starts. But, if proper flow is provided, then the body will be able to cure the diseases, thus the massage will help healing.

For whole 11 years did Hunsen Lu serve the Chinese medicine, learning the secrets from his grandmother who taught him acupuncture and manual therapy.

Watch the video for more detailed instructions.