This Exercise Will Reduce 7 Kilos in Just 3 Weeks! Here’s How to Do it properly and Reduce Belly Fat Fast and Effective

Read this article carefully and find out how to reduce the abdomen size in just 3 weeks with one amazing technique that is used in yoga.

This exercise is known as “iron exercise” and if you do it properly and regular, can reduce the waist size and you will achieve flat stomach in a very short period of time. This breathing routine can do wonders, and you may experience significant improvements when it comes to losing weight and abdomen fat.

If you exercise regularly, you will achieve the desired effects faster. All you need to do the exercise at least 5 times daily.

This exercise and proper diet is all you need to achieve flat stomach. Just do it properly. Read this article carefully and find out how…


At the beginning it may take longer for your stomach muscles to remain stretched.

But, you should able to master this technique pretty fast and you will need less effort.

  1. STARTING POSITION: Put your hands beside your body while you are lying on your back and bent your knees to relax the muscles.

Start inhaling and exhaling slowly, voting air from the lung and make sure your muscles are totally relaxed.

  1. After voting the air from your lungs, stretch your stomach muscles by trying to do stomach collapses inward as much as you can.

While you are doing this step, the breathing should stop.

Keep the sunken stomach for 10 to 15 seconds and then start breathing gently and continue sinking stomach.

  1. After you inhale, do not relax the stomach. Keep the breathing for another 10 to 15 seconds and again sink the stomach.

While doing this your stomach should always tense. If it is too hard for you, you can take short inhalations.

  1. Now exhale and relax the stomach. Breathe normally. Then, release the air from your lungs and sink as much as you can.

Watch the video below and find out how to do it properly.