Learn How To Protect Your Skin From The Sun Naturally With This Homemade Sunscreen!

See how to protect your skin from the sun naturally by preparing this homemade sunscreen, made out of easily-accessible ingredients!

 Our skin is the most sensitive organ we have. When exposed, it is the one that receives the most damage from external agents. The skin serves as a protector against the cold and the heat from outside, the water, the dirtiness and it is what holds our muscles and bones together.

Without a doubt, it is next to the heart, the most important organ of our body. For this reason, it is why we should pay attention to it and care about it. The ultraviolet rays generated by the sun, are terribly damaging to our body, especially our skin.

That is why it is vital to avoid it at all costs, which is extremely difficult because the rays penetrate even through the clouds and directly affect our skin. It is for this reason, that there are currently on the market different types of protective creams that promise to protect against harmful ultraviolet rays.

However, the chemicals that make up these products are terribly counterproductive for our body. While ultraviolet rays are the main cause of skin cancer, many of the chemicals in protective creams are also generators of skin cancer.

For this reason, it is not at all advisable to use these creams in our body. There is no evidence that sunscreens help decrease the risk of skin cancer; quite the opposite.

Not only protecting it from the sun helps your skin, but providing vitamin D is super important for maintaining a healthy state. Currently, many people lack vitamin D in their bodies and the protective creams on the market do not help the body to fill with this vitamin.

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