The Death Comes From Here: If You Didn’t Know, Cell Phones In Combination With These Seals Are One Dangerous Death Threat!

You probably have at least one amalgam seal and you are surely using a cell phone. This means that your health is in great danger.

There are many studies that showed the risk of the radio frequency waves that are emitted by our cell phones. These studies also show that the negative effects of these frequencies are enhanced if you have an amalgam seal that contains mercury. According to a late research, these frequencies are causing release of mercury in the organism.

The late studies proved that the electromagnetic exposure to radiation, particularly from the cell phones raises the mercury levels in the blood.

Not only cell phones are emitting electromagnetic radiation, but the other devices too like TV, Wi-Fi routers, computers, microwaves and appliances.

The amalgam seals are the greatest sources of mercury in the organism. This means that amalgam seals are dangerous because mercury is a potential neurotoxin that can promote many different immunological and neurological disarrays. According to some studies, the dental amalgam seals are realizing mercury steam all the time and up to 80% of the steam ends up in the lungs and the bloodstream. When the mercury steam enters in the bloodstream, it soon easily ends up in the cells.

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