Police: If You Kid Got This Candy On Halloween, Throw It Out!

Police officers in Ohio are letting parents know about a very dangerous type of candy. They stated that there have been reports of Lemonheads, which are a popular type of candy, being tampered with and opened. The candy itself also looked funny. They are warning parents that if their children are given Lemonheads, then they should check them before they allow their kids to eat the candy.candy-on-halloween

The officers have posted the warning on their Facebook page. Hundreds of people have shared the post. Many people have also commented and told stories about their scary Halloween experience. One person stated that you may not know if the candy has been tampered with if it already has been opened. They also stated that it is best to throw the candy out because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Another person stated that their children recently got candy that looked like it had been tampered with. She stated that there may have been nothing wrong with the candy. It may have been a manufacturing defect. However, she decided to be on the cautious side and throw out the candy. It is nearly impossible to tell whether the candy was tampered with or a manufacturing defect occurred.

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