Your Intimate Area Is Very Sensitive: Do These Things And Protect Yourself From Infections!

As explained by one woman who is an expert on reproductive health, most women are shocked by the changes that occur on their vulva and intimate area as they age. This is mostly because gynecologists avoid talking to women that these changes happen at some point in their lives.

Unfortunately, many women are ashamed to tell and speak about their genital problems. Therefore, we give you simple tips on how to keep your intimate area healthy.

Regular hygiene

Unpleasant smell is one of the most common problems among women. To prevent it, wash your intimate area at least twice a day with mild soap. Use chamomile tea for washing, and avoid highly alkaline soaps.

Regular shaving

Pubic hair retain sweat and bacteria, therefore regular shaving or trimming will facilitate hygiene.

Regular changing of underwear

The bacteria in this area can cause an infection such as cystitis, colpitis, or uterine infection. That is why you need to change your underwear at least twice a day during menstruation.

Regular visits to the gynecologist

Women who are 21 and older need to visit their gynecologist every six months. Regular visits to the gynecologist can save your life.