Know What Your Fingerprint Pattern Says About Your Personality


It is believed that hands tell about your fate or destiny. The length of your fingers, the shape of your hands or the lines on your palm describe what kind of a person you are and what kind of life you may lead. Similarly, different parts of your body say something about you and so does your fingerprints. Yes, you got that right! Your finger prints can also tell a lot about your character or personality.

Dermatoglyphics, which is a scientific study of patterns of fingerprints, says that the patterns describe how you will behave or what your instincts are. It could be so accurate that you would be amazed!

Here are the following types of finger patterns. Read along to know more about each type:

  1. The Composite Pattern

Look at your fingerprint pattern and if you cannot locate one single pattern but a combined portion of it, it is a composite fingerprint. IF you look carefully, the circles may look like they are forming tidal waves. It depicts that you are quite flexible and can adapt to different situations easily. You may be able to get along with people and work with them but you might prefer to be a leader

  1. The concentric Pattern

If your fingerprints have a very defined inner circle, it means you have a strong personality and have intense determination to achieve your goals. Also, you could be a little self-centered and like to compete in this maddening world.

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