Did You Know: Only A Quick Look In The Toilet Will Tell You Everything About Your Health!

The appearance of your stool says a lot about your health and condition of the internal organs. Regular bowel movement is essential for good health because this way the human body eliminates the extraneous matter.

The brown color of the stool comes from absorbed nutritive substances, and the color of the stool can tell a lot about your health. Below, you’ll all types of stool and what they mean.

Texture of the stool

Small chunks, like walnuts – This texture shows that you lack fiber and liquids. So eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink more water.

Smooth long stool – indicates that you are in good health and have a normal stool.

Watery stool, no solid pieces – diarrhea is usually caused by an infection. Drink plenty of water in this state, to avoid dehydration.

Soft stool, which remains on the sides of the toilet bowl – is an indication that your body does not absorb enough fat, which causes too much fat in the body. A chronic disease of the pancreas is accompanied by this condition.

Color of the stool

  • Brown is the normal color of the stool.
  • Green indicates that you eat lots of green vegetables or green food.
  • The yellow color indicates excess fat in the body.
  • Black stool can be a sign of internal bleeding, caused by ulcers or cancer. However, it can also appear due to consumption of iron supplements.
  • Light or white color appears from using certain drugs or due to bile duct blockage.
  • Blood in the stool can be a symptom of cancer!

Facts about stool:

– Food usually needs 1-3 days to transform into stool, from the moment it enters into the body.

– It consists of dead cells, undigested parts and mucus.