I Always Hated Long Ear Hair, But Had No Idea It Could Be A Deadly Health Red Flag

If you have long ear hairs, then you might want to pay attention to a few details that could mean a deadly health sign. At times, there are people who are going about their business and suddenly feel a pain in the chest. They can’t breathe or move. This is often the first signs of a heart attack.

Most of the time, there isn’t really an indication as to when a heart attack might occur unless you visit the doctor on a regular basis and have tests done to look at the vessels in the heart. Even then, there’s no telling when an attack could happen.

There is a new way that doctors have discovered to predict when a heart attack might occur. It’s not anything fancy, and it doesn’t involve a lot of machines or medications. All you have to do is look inside your ear. If there is a crease in the earlobe, then it could mean that you’re at a higher risk for getting cancer or developing heart disease. Hair in the ears can also be a sign that you might experience some kind of heart condition in the future. These are signs that have been looked at for many years, but they don’t guarantee 100 percent that you’ll have a heart attack or develop cancer. They simply mean that you have a higher risk.