These Exercises Will Make Your Back Healthy And Strong: The Best Thing Is That You Can Do These Exercises While Sitting

If you sit all day, staring at the screen and your only activity is walking with a cup of coffee, you know exactly what back pain is.

Temporary massages and stretching will not help you. What you need is a regular exercise. Therefore in this article we will show you some exercises that will make your back strong and healthy. The best part of these exercises is that you can do them while sitting.

Exercise # 1

Sit straight with your feet on the floor. Put your arms next to your body. Now raise your shoulders toward your ears and keep the neck straight. Then you need to lower your shoulders quickly.

Repeat this exercise several times.

Exercise # 2

For this exercise you need to sit straight with your feet on the floor and place your hands next to your body. Keep your neck straight and straighten your scapula. Do not lift the shoulders.

Hold this position, pull your shoulders forward and turn your body from left to right.

Repeat this exercise several times.

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