Man Wearing Donald Trump Mask Gets Punched, Smile Immediately Wiped Off Attacker’s Face

There’s an outside chance that this man is not enthusiastic about costumes in general, but it certainly sounds he became unhinged for reasons of a political nature. As City Pages reports, 35-year-old Gabriel Majak was arrested for hauling off and belting a stranger that was wearing a Donald Trump mask.

The victim, an unidentified 23-year-old male resident of Rochester, Minn., was simply posing for some pictures with a young woman – who was wearing a Hillary Clinton mask – in the downtown area. Majak was apparently not too pleased with the mask, and he hauled off and punched him.

The victim did not suffer any major injuries outside of a busted pair of glasses. Majak was arrested shortly thereafter and is facing several misdemeanor charges. This is not his first crime of a political nature either, as he recently reached a plea deal on charges of entering a local Army recruitment office and berating young volunteers with the message that “future soldiers will have their heads cut off like chickens.”

No word on whether the victim from this attack felt the need to go mask shopping after the incident.

Source: City Pages