To The Mother Of My Son’s Organ Donor, You Saved Us Both.

Kate Harris is an aerospace engineer for the United States Air Force. She is the mother of one son and currently lives in Florida, where she enjoys baking and quilting for her family. You would never know it today, but Kate nearly lost her son far too soon. When the little one was born, doctors were not hopeful for his survival, but the little one’s fighting spirit and the ultimate sacrifice from a stranger, changed everything for the little family. The letter below was written by Kate to thank the stranger that saved her son’s life.

When my son, let’s call him Mr. Snuggles (he’s the snuggliest little love bug you’ll ever know), was 7 weeks old, he suffered several episodes of acute cardiac arrest before ending up on life support, and, eventually, a Berlin Heart pump.

We were told his heart would never function properly on its own again. He needed a transplant. He is our first child, so while navigating the maze of hormones and sleeplessness that is new motherhood, I was then faced with the fact that I might lose this brand new infant into which I had poured my very being. And no one knew why.

I spent the next few months drowning in a sea of sorrow. Waves of grief crashed over me, leaving me sputtering, desperately trying to catch my breath before the next one came roaring down. They were relentless. Incessant. Merciless.

Yet through it all, Mr. Snuggles was a complete champion. They said his kidneys wouldn’t function properly for months — he promptly peed on several nurses. They said his lungs were full of fluid, but within days he was breathing over his ventilator and breathing tube. Nothing slowed him down, not even adult doses of sedatives.

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