How Natural Childbirth Affects The Condition Of The Female Sexual Organ? These 6 Things Happen To Most Women!

Every experience is unique, but it is not necessary that what happened to your friends or relatives will happen to you. But these are the things that most women face after childbirth.

It is saggy

Assuming that labor goes according to plan and there would be no tearing or similar complications again it is very likely to happen that you feel that you are sexual organ is saggy after childbirth. It is possible to never return to the way it was before the birth, but for most women it’s not a problem.

Possible that your next delivery will be more difficult

Unfortunately, complications in childbirth are not a rare thing, and many women do not recover the best after tearing the perineum and therefore have a problem with a subsequent vaginal delivery, and are forced to opt for a caesarean section.

Influences on the sexual life

If you have to go to episiotomy, it is possible that this will affect the sexual life. This procedure is becoming scarce, so please double check if there is another solution before you decide to episiotomy.

Sexual intercourse is different

Sex after childbirth is completely different because of sagging muscles you do not feel like before birth. But it is a temporary thing, and Kegel exercises will help a lot.

With every delivery situation is worse

Women who have had multiple vaginal deliveries can experience stubborn sagging vaginal muscles, but with a lot of Kegel exercises can improve the situation. Always keep in mind that your body is meant for giving birth, therefore, any “damages” can be repaired.

It can cause problems in sexual intercourse

Stitches after birth, can cause problems in the sexual life. About a quarter of women who have finished with stitches after birth have experienced painful intercourse and bladder problems. In such cases women need to talk with doctors to find a common solution.

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