WARNING: There’s A New Deadly Disease Worse Than HIV


Human Papilloma Virus, or commonly referred to as HPV, is accountable for the outbreak of a new deadly disease. It is predicted that this new epidemic, even deadlier than AIDS, will claim many lives. The following key points explain why HPV is deadlier than HIV.

1. The Condom Misconception

There’s a common misconception that condoms offer full protection against most sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/Aids. But, according to new research, condoms cannot provide 100% protection against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which can spread through skin-to-skin contact with infected areas of the skin not covered by the condom such as the male and female genitalia. This is especially serious for women because HPV is a silent killer that can be inactive, thus unnoticed for years before it attacks.

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