No One Believed What Happened To Her Feet, So She Finally Takes Of Her Shoes To Show Us

Many women do a lot of things to make themselves look more attractive. Hair dying, lip waxing and eyebrow plucking are just a few of the many things that women do to make themselves look better. Many of the things that women do originate from thousands of years ago. There is an ancient trend called foot binding that is dangerous.

While foot binding was officially banned in 1912, many women found ways to work around this law. This is a practice that involves wrapping the foot tightly in order to stop them from growing. Foot binding is being done on girls who are as young as four. Not only are the feet wrapped tightly, but the toes are snapped. The big toe is the only one that is left intact.

Zhou Guizhen is 86-years-old. She is perhaps the only woman who is alive to talk about this painful experience. She admitted that she defied the laws to get this procedure done. Zhou stated that she regrets getting her feet bound because she now has trouble walking as the result of it. Back in Zhou’s time, it was something that women did in order to ensure that they were going to get married. Many women were disabled and bedridden as the result of this process.