Only One Leaf Of This Grass Present In Any Garden Can Save Your Life In A Minute, But Only Some People Know How To Use It!

In general, when we think about leukemia, we all think about medicines and chemotherapy, as well as the general unhappiness and the low quality of life.

But, in this article, we are going to tell you about an extract made of dandelion root and what it can do about people who fight leukemia.

According to recent studies, dandelion root is cytotoxic for three types of cells of human leukemia, killing up to 96% of the cells after only 48 hours!

The question is: Does it really work? An oncologist called Caroline Hamm had an elderly patient who was suffering from myelomonocytic leukemia, a very aggressive form of leukemia. The patient didn`t have any progress when he was treated by chemotherapy, so the doctor suggested him to start using began a natural therapy that was consisted of using dandelion root tea which he even shared with another patient in the waiting room.

Dr. Hamm saw the results of the tests of both patients and they showed progress only by drinking the tea and both refused to take chemotherapy!

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