How To Poop Quickly When You Don’t Have Time

Pooping is something that is very important and necessary for our body. Sometimes when we are in a hurry or late for our meeting, it makes us late, and we become helpless. The reason for getting late cannot be explained to other people. As it takes time, and you are in a hurry and can’t wait anymore, we will tell you the secret to doing it fast.

Here you go with the things that will help you out when you don’t have time to wait around?

Start with a cup of coffee.

Caffeine can be very helpful when you need to get things moving (provided that you’re sufficiently hydrated).

Get some exercise (especially cardio).

Physical movement can kick your body into gear, including your digestive tract. If you don’t have time to run, swim, or bike, try doing some jumping jacks.

If there’s still nothing happening, go for a quick…massage.

By pressing on your perineum, you can sometimes stimulate a trip to the bathroom. Use gentle pressure and try to stay relaxed. Hey, it’s not stupid if it works.

Make sure you make 45 degree angle.

The right position will help you instantly. A deeper squat can put your lower GI tract in a better position, so now you can produce!

Nothing worked? Change your diet!

As per the time you take in your bathroom, make sure that you’re getting enough roughage. Fiber will help you for healthy digestion. From now, add some leafy green vegetables, oranges, and other fiber-rich food in your meal.

Get enough hydration.

A few extra glasses of water, drank a few hours before your trip to the bathroom, can make the process much faster and more comfortable.

In an emergency, glycerin suppositories could work.

Some people swear by them; with that said, they’re obviously uncomfortable and somewhat unpredictable. The best approach is to optimize your body’s natural schedule.

By this point, you should be enjoying some quality toilet time.

If not, talk to your doctor. The good news (depending on how you look at it) is that constipation is a very common problem, and there are plenty of effective treatments. However, good diet and occasional physical activity will work for most people.