This Food Is The Best Prevention For Stomach Cancer And We All Have It In Out Homes!

Did you know that a regular consummation of only one food can save you from getting a stomach cancer, which is one of the deadliest forms of malignant diseases?

Well this is true. Namely you can consume this food throughout the year, in summer you can consume it fresh and in winter you can consume it as sauerkraut. Yes, we are talking about cabbage.

To our ancestors, sauerkraut was one of the main winter food and a great source of vitamin C. Today, we still follow the tradition of making sauerkraut for the winter. It is true that many traditions are dying out, but this cannot be allowed to happen, because the sauerkraut is extremely nutritious and beneficial.

Sauerkraut has always been appreciated, especially as a remedy. The manner of its preparation comes from the Slavs, and is used to this day. It is known that the seafarer James Cook and his crew consumed sauerkraut as a prevention of the very hazardous scurvy. Sebastian Kneipp used sauerkraut to treat diabetes, gout, burns and inflammation.

The healing properties of the sauerkraut go beyond the healing properties of many known plants.

One hundred grams of raw sauerkraut contains even 20 mg of vitamin C. It also contains vitamin A, folic acid, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, fiber, and protein. It is an excellent source of vitamin B12, due to which is especially recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

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