She Put Grated Potatoes On Her Child’s Stocking And Solved A Problem That Afflicts Many Parents!


At the beginning of this article you must know that when your kid is having high temperature, before you taking him to the doctor, try to lower the temperature yourself using some alternative methods. Many people tend to panic when their kid is having high temperature. However experts say that if the child is healthy, high temperature is not something that should concern you.

The fever usually occurs as a result of the struggle of the body against infections and viruses.

Here in this article we will bring you a few ways to quickly and efficiently lower the body temperature of your child.

1. Grated potatoes

Wash and peel the potatoes. Once you have peeled the potatoes, grate them and put them into your child’s socks. This should lower the body temperature of your child will make him feel a lot better.

2. Brandy and water

Dilute a small cup of brandy with equal amount of water. Dip a clean cotton cloth in the mixture. Squeeze the excess fluid from the gauze, and put the gauze in your child’s socks.

3. Cold compress on the forehead

This is also very effective way to lower the high body temperature. Wet the cloth with cold water and place it on the child’s forehead while he is sleeping. Make sure that you change these compresses from time to time.

4. Give your child plenty of liquids and chilled food

When having high body temperature, the body loses fluid and therefore it is important that you give your child enough fluids.