She Put The Pennies In A Water Filled Bag And The Next Part Shocked The Scientists

The storm season creates insects, bugs, and pests breed, so the flies and mosquitoes are a significant hygiene and health issue between people as they developed diseases and infections. Also, it is really harmful to eat food dirtied by flies.

Flies can be spotted sitting in many different areas, especially on poop and dirt. Then, the next thing they do is to sit on the food and contaminate it.

Hence, their elimination is necessary. If you are searching for a way  to accomplish that, continue reading!


  • One ziploc bag
  • Water
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt
  • Pennies

Use 2.5 glasses of water, and combine some lemon and salt in it. Then replace the mixture into the Ziploc bag. Don’t fill the bag to the maximum so you can drop at least 5 pennies in it.

This scientific and logical theory supports the experiment, confirming that the mixture helps in shining the pennies. So when we put the pennies inside the Ziploc bag full of the mixture, they will get sparkling.