Read This Immediately Before Going To A Salon Again (It Might Just Save You From A Stroke!)


Going to hair salon to get your hair done should be relaxing, however, there is one reason why you should be worried, and it’s not the cost. You probably know the chair and the sink where the hairdresser puts your head to wash your hair, and it is very uncomfortable. Sadly, you don’t have to worry about the dicomfort, but about the fact that this position of your head can put you in a risk of getting a Beauty Parlor Stroke.

It is a stroke that is caused by damage to the blood vessels in your neck, as a result of the strain and jerky movements the salon’s shampoo sink creates. One women experienced this kind of stroke. She noticed a sudden weakness in her left arm and left leg about a week after a tip to her hair salon. As another week passed, she was rushed to the hospital with nausea, projectile vomiting, and a head that was hot to the touch. The doctors confirmed that she had suffered a stroke.

What is a stroke?

Stroke is caused by a restricted oxygen in the brain. Blocked or damaged blood vessel leads to abnormal blood flow or even clotting. This reduced blood flow makes its way to the brain and kills brain cells. The physical consequences depend on which region of the brain was affected. For instance, if the left side of your brain is damaged, that leads to problems with speech and language or problems in the right side of the body. On the other hand, damage in the right side of the brain can lead to vision loss or problems in the left side of the body.

Number 5 most common cause of death in America is stroke, and number 1 most common cause of disability. According to the statistics, 60 % of women and 40 % of men are stroke victims. Still, 80% of strokes could have been prevented!

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