Easy Remedy for Asthma, Insomnia, Arthritis and More

A mixture of milk and garlic does not create the perfect recipe, but when it comes to the culinary benefits, this delicacy is a cut above the rest. While many fruits and vegetables come with an array of health benefits, nothing comes close to a combination of garlic and milk. With 500mm of warm milk, ten cloves of fresh garlic, 250mm of boiled water, and three teaspoons of sugar, you can wave the following diseases goodbye:

Remedy for Asthma and Pneumonia

When it comes to curing asthma, garlic is a renowned remedy in its right. However, if you are suffering from pneumonia, consuming a glass of garlic-milk three times daily will relieve the symptoms and eliminate the disease.

Cardiovascular complications

Most cardiovascular complications arise because of the accumulation of cholesterol in your blood. When cholesterol starts to build up in the blood, it forms some clots that can either block the arteries or coagulate in your heart. Such clots can compromise the performance of the circulation system. Garlic helps to dissolve cholesterol in the blood. Garlic-milk is the best remedy against such clots and consuming this drink on a daily basis can keep the heart problems at bay.

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