If You Sleep Naked Tonight, Here’s The Surprising Effect It’ll Have On Your Body

One of the most important activities that keeps us healthy throughout our lives is sleeping. Needless to say that sleeping is as important as eating and when one gets deprived of it, it can cause fatal health issues.

One study shows that every third person is sleeping naked, they are intimate with a partner, and it promotes a sense of happiness, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and reduces feelings of anxiety. To sleep without any clothes on, gives a feeling of absolute freedom. Nothing tightens, nothing scratch or wraps around the body during the night. It is also a great recipe for increasing sexual desire because when we are naked, we just feel sexier. Is so much nicer than the touch “pyjamas on pyjamas.”

An international study of the National American Sleep Foundation reveals that every third person sleeps naked. Apart from all the above mentioned benefits it brings on in relation to your love life, sleeping naked also improves the quality of sleep. The sleep becomes deeper as the body temperature gets lower.

Moreover, experts recommend sleeping naked because, among other things, it reduces the chance of bacterial proliferation due to less moisture and heat. In fact, the vagina becomes less damp and less susceptible to infections, while testicles cooler, which improves sperm health.

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