Top 11 Foods That Can Help Slow Down Aging Naturally

From ancient times women try to find a universal remedy to overcome aging. It’s not only about wrinkles on the face. As we get older, almost all processes in the body tend to become impaired. It may be more difficult to concentrate and to perform tasks quickly. Slowdown of metabolic rate often leads to weight gain.

Moreover, your risks of numerous diseases increase significantly with the passing years. You probably know that everything we eat, make a great influence on the body appearance and its proper working. Foods you take regularly, can improve your well-being or, conversely, affect your health and speed up aging processes.

It was found that high-sugar or salty foods, excessive alcohol and red meat (especially processed variants) can create free radicals, causing oxidative damage of your cells. In addition to this, frequent consumption of sweets and fatty foods is closely linked with excessive weight and obesity.

Specialists say that you have ability to delay aging processes by eating certain health-friendly foods. Fuel your body with these anti-aging products and stay young for many years:

#1. Oily fish – salmon, mackerel and sardines contain high amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve brain health and prevent atherosclerosis development. The American Heart Association recommends taking at least two servings of fatty fish a week to reduce heart failure and stroke hazards.

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