Squished Cucumber: Weight Loss Recipe ! Lose 7 Kg In 14 Days !


It may sound unbelievable, but this cucumber diet may help you lose 7 kg. in only 14 days! Cucumber is a healthy vegetable that will prevent food cravings and overeating.

Here’s what you need for the amazing diet:

  • 300 gr. of fresh fruit;
  • 3 pieces of whole wheat bread or 2 boiled potatoes;
  • 2 boiled potatoes;
  • 150 gr. of tuna;
  • Tea and coffee with no sugar;

You can also eat fresh cucumber salad or drink cucumber shake as a snack. Feel free to have them every time you’re feeling hungry.

Here’s the diet plan for a day:

Breakfast: cucumber salad and 2 hardboiled eggs

Snack: 1 big apple, 1 peach (lower than 200 gr.) or 5 plums

Lunch: Whole wheat bread (toasted) and cucumber salad

Snack: Cucumber shake

Dinner: Fruit salad (300 gr.)

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