She Started Sleeping With Bandages And Plastic Wrap On Her Belly – When You See What Happened In The Morning You’ll Be Surprised

Every woman would be amazed if she discovered the secret for removing all stretch marks from the body.

It is a method which is especially efficient for treating stretch marks after pregnancy. The method is very simple and easy. You will only need a seaweed lotion and a plastic wrap. It is a homemade method for treating stretch marks and it was presented by Colleen – she has 3 kids and she desired to be once again in shape, because the pregnancies were over and they were the reason for the stretch marks on her body.

She also said that her friends told her to try this amazing method –plastic wrap for weight loss. That is why she tried it. The reason was because she felt that her entire body, mostly the stomach area, was not flat and attractive as before and that is why she tried all possible solutions. She visited her local health store and she bought bandages and a seaweed lotion, and plastic wrap as well.

We present you the discovery

Each and every night before she went to sleep, she applied this lotion on her abdominal area and wrapped it with the plastic wrap. She did not wrap it too tight and she removed it in the morning. The first time she was in shock. She removed the wrap and the bandages and she measured the waist. She actually lost 2.5 inches during the night. It was unbelievable.

The method with seaweed is pretty useful for removing the excess water that is in the body, thanks to the plastic wrap and the lotion. She also said that exercising and eating healthy can help a lot as well. You should remember to drink a lot of water too.

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