If You Don’t Want Your Kids To Be Ill-Mannered You Have To Stop Making These 5 Errors


Children having temper tantrums and misbehaving is something that happens to almost every parent out there, without them even recognizing the issue.

These are the little behaviors and actions that, if in time you don’t react to them properly, will bring about certain repercussions in your children’s lives.

We are all aware of this, but it is also confirmed by Mrs. Emma Jenner, a very famous woman known for her show on TLC “Take Home Nanny”, in which she revealed five behaviors of current parents that sooner or later would suffer the consequences.

Emma tells us that it is vital that parents start demanding more from their children; in other words, to expect more from them. To involve them in their endeavors and difficulties. To give them less, in order to force them to get themselves going. To challenge them, that is.


  1. You’re afraid of your children

Example: If a child wants to drink milk from a different cup, and not their usual one, parents immediately start looking for another cup instead of ignoring their request. They do so out of fear that the child will cry or refuse to eat.

For Emma this is a huge mistake. Why are you afraid? Who is your child to be in command of the both of you?

You have to let them cry if they want to and go someplace else if you don’t want to hear it. But never raise your children indulging every single one of their wishes along the way.

And above all think about what message you´re sending them when you give them all they want just because they are crying. Are you going to do something about it?

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