Nobody Likes A Stuffy Nose. Here Are 6 Home Remedies To Help You Cope

With the flu and colds descending, stuffy noses seem to be everywhere you go. If you aren’t suffering from one yourself, you probably know someone who is. Because a stuffy nose is so common, pumping yourself full of medicine is probably not the first thing you want to have to do.

Thankfully, you have options that work! You can combat a stuffy nose before having to resort to going to the doctor and taking all kinds of medication. Check out the 6 home remedies below and find out which ones work and which don’t.


1. Moisture. The Mayo Clinic and WebMD say that you can often find temporary relief from your stuffy nose by inhaling either steam or water vapor. Jump into a hot shower, soak in a steaming tub, make a cup of hot tea and inhale the steam or turn on a humidifier. Any of these will help.

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