The Teacher Found Special Notes In His Lunch Box, Then Sent The Police To His House

A teacher at a California public school noticed a seven-year-old boy sharing notes with other students during lunchtime, but when she looked at what they were, she reprimanded him. School officials reportedly dispatched a sheriff’s deputy to the boy’s home after discovering the controversial notes. But the ‘notes’ he was showing other students didn’t mean to cause anyone harm. They were meant to inspire them instead.

The notes in the boy’s lunchbox were from his mother, and they were Bible verses that she always included with her son’s lunch. And now, the California elementary school that sent the Sheriff to the boy’s home is accused of violating the boy’s First Amendment rights.

The Liberty Counsel, a Christian and nonprofit litigation group, is banning together in support of the boy. They are leaning towards taking legal action against Desert Rose Elementary School of Palmdale, California, for “an outrageous violation of a first grader’s constitutional rights.”

The student, who is identified as “C” would read the bible verses to his school friends during lunch. His friends would ask for copies of verses after hearing C read them aloud. The verses became so popular that C asked his mother, Christina Zavala, to pack additional Bible verses with for his friends. So, Christina included copies of the verses with short stories for context.

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