If You Drink Any Of The Teas On This List, Throw Them Away. They Are Full Of Dangerous Pesticides!

Compared to energy drinks, coffee, and pop, most people consider tea as a healthier source of caffeine. However, many of the conventional tea brands have been found to contain significantly high levels of harmful chemicals including dangerous pesticides and fluoride. As such, most are considered unsafe for human consumption.

Same as almost every other product, not every brand of tea is created equal. Choosing to save some money on cheaper teas might cost you a lot more in terms of your health.

Conventional tea brands could contain fluoride and pesticides

Because tea is rarely washed before packaging, the dangerous pesticides previously sprayed on the crop often end up in your cup. This is especially true seeing as evidence confirms that many non-organic tea brands contain dangerous pesticides that are known carcinogens. Most of the popular tea brands list natural flavors as an ingredient, which has led to the misconception by consumers that they are purchasing better, cleaner ingredients. However, there is an entire list of what “natural flavors” might mean.

Research published in Food Research International shows a significant percentage of the United Kingdom’s population exceed the recommended intake for fluoride. Too much intake of fluoride often bears detrimental health effects. The overexposure to fluoride has been determined to be specifically due to the consumption of tea. Apart from causing kidney problems, this overexposure can also lead to issues with the teeth and bones.

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