The Spin on Aspartame: The Truth We’re Not Being Told

Have you ever done a research on aspartame? Just check what Google has to say about it. You will find tons of information, research and facts to fill a few encyclopedias. But, we will cover just a part of the whole thing.

You know, some people say aspartame is safe. These “experts” are paid by the government, and medics keep patting you on the shoulder claiming that there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of aspartame in your products.

Skeptics never helped. There has to be something about the whole idea of approving aspartame.

And there is. We have been told that it is safe, but they only care about profits.

Before you read on, check out this video:

The real origin of aspartame

G.D. Searle is the first company to develop it. But, the pharmaceutical company had trouble getting an FDA approvement. It turns out that all the monkeys and mice they used to test aspartame on developed severe brain lesions, tumors, and seizures. Some of the lab animal even died. Yes, it is that horrible.

The FDA rejected 16 applications for approval, but Searle kept offering “proof” that their product is safe. The agency asked the Department of Justice to prosecute G.D. Searle for providing fraudulent test data in order to get aspartame approved. Dr. Adrian Gross, an FDA senior toxicologist, told the Congress that “Beyond a shadow of a doubt aspartame triggers brain tumors.”

At one point there were slight chances of approving the use of aspartame in carbonated drinks. But, the National Soft Drink Association objected, with the explanation that aspartame is unstable in liquid form and eventually breaks in formaldehyde and other bad stuff.

You know the rest of the story. Monsanto bought G.D. Searle and Co. in 1985. The NutraSweet Company was part of Monsanto until 2000, and then it was sold to J.W. Childs Equity Partners. It is still there today.

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