Identify It Before It Becomes Serious: This Common Eye Disorders Can Lead To Serious Illnesses!

The eyes can say a lot about your health. Namely swellings and dark circles are signs of an unhealthy body. In this article we will show you some common eye abnormalities that may have a lasting effect on your health.

Swelling of the lower eyelid

If the swelling is still in the same place for a long period of time, this may mean that you are suffering from sebaceous gland cancer.

Disappearing eyebrows

If you notice that the outer part of the eyebrows is disappearing and not growing back, do not ignore it. This could be a symptom of a thyroid disorder.

Redness of the eyes

If a redness appears around your eyes, it may mean that you are allergic to chemicals, wheat, pollen or anything that surrounds you.