This Girl Went To The Doctor With Pain In Her Buttocks. When He Poked A Hole In Her Body, He Couldn’t Believe What Came Out!

Caboose, butt, posterior — there are lot of harmless ways one can refer to the gluteus maximus, and even more that are a bit on the crude side. But you call it, this part of the body is not usually the one we think of when we hear about serious health problems. But for the 27-year-old Brazilian model Andressa Urach, her bum nearly ended up costing her her life.

Andressa had always dreamed of becoming a model and with a slender figure, silky hair and hypnotising eyes, all the ingredients seemed to be there. But in Andressa’s part of the world there is one other quality every model must have: a great posterior! Although Andressa had an amazing figure, she felt that her butt needed to be more voluptuous in order to make it in the competitive modelling world. She was so determined that she chose to undergo a very risky procedure.

It is so dangerous, in fact, that it is actually illegal in her home country of Brazil. But as Andressa says, “We are slaves to beauty.” And with that in mind she found a black market alternative and had hydrogel and PMMA injected into her hips and thighs to increase the size of her bum and keep it firm.

At first she believed that she had made the right decision. Her modelling career took off and in 2012 she won the world famous Miss BumBum contest. This made her so famous in Brazil that people actually started noticing her on the street and asking for autographs.

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