This Is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Pork

Have you ever wondered why some religions forbid pork meat? Well the explanations is that pork meat is unclear. Maybe there is something behind this belief because there are many medical experiments that support this claim.

Since pigs as scavengers, eat everything from feces to spoiled sustenance and urine. This poisons from the foods cannot be eliminated from the pigs’ bodies because the food processes and digest in about 4 hours. So, they remain in their organs and fat cells.

There was one research, carried out on 200 pigs, where it was found out that in almost 70% of the pigs there is one dangerous microorganism called Yersinia eneroclitica. This organism causes fever, vomiting, sickness, cramps and diarrhea. This research also claims that ground pork is even more dangerous than slashes of pork.

There were many others contaminants found in this food such as ractoparmine, a medicine that can cause death if sick people are consuming it. China and Europe has banned this medication, but unfortunately pork has it.

As well as other dangerous substances infections and parasites from pigs can easily be transferred to people.

One parasite called Taenia solium causes appetite loss and tissue contamination. Other, called Trichinella, causes malaise, fever, edema and mylagia. The viral irritation hepatitis E causes nausea and weariness.

If you cook the pork it may reduce the chances of developing these above mentioned issues. However no one knows the right temperature that will destroy them.

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