This Teen Healed His Crohn’s Disease With Cannabis Oil, And Shared With Us His Story


This article shares the story of 16-year-old Coltyn Turner. Coltyn is a Crohn’s patient who has successfully banished his disease into remission with the use of cannabis.

His story is nothing short of incredible and really is worth eight minutes of your spare time.

Here’s how Coltyn healed his Crohn’s Disease with cannabis oil:

As fate would have it…

At 11 years old, Coltyn Turner was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. It terrifyingly began after an incident at Boy Scout Camp one summer. Coltyn almost drowned to death in a lake.

Bacteria in the water later triggered a dormant Crohn’s reaction.

The fated day would ultimately leave him in a wheelchair and close to developing blood cancer. Coltyn explains,

I just got sicker and sicker, I wasn’t getting any better. Pharmacutical after pharmacutical was placed, and none of them worked. Like Humira, which actually gave me a T-Cell lymphoma scare. It took about 2 to 3 years before we stopped all pharmacuitcal medications because the last one was Humira, and if I took another pharmacutical it would have increased my chances of developing T-Cell lymphoma by 66%.

Fighting Crohn’s with Cannabis

Because Coltyn had a terrible time with Humira, he made the brave and mature decision to stop taking pharmaceutical medications. But, when medications don’t work, what other options are available? Coltyn and his family stumbled upon an Israeli observational study that found that 10 of 11 Crohn’s patients found relief with cannabis.
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