Warning To All People: This Type Of Potato Acts As A Poison To Your Organism!

This is a warning to all people! This potato acts as a poison to your body. The worst part of this whole situation is that we are already witnessing the development of GMO potatoes and the worst part about it is that this potato got a green light from the USDA. These potatoes were developed by modification and it should produce fewer carcinogens while you are frying it.

The company engaged in the development and production of the latest “joy” to the GMO kitchen, Simplot, should launch on the market this new product. This product will soon be all over every shops located in the United States. At this point you need to know that using GMO foods can be pretty harmful for your health and therefore you need to know how to recognize these products.

About this potato you need to know that it will be resistant to the brown spots that appear when potatoes are left for a long period of time on air.