This Young Woman Felt Something Moving In Her Mouth While Taking A Shower. When She Looked At Herself In The Mirror, She Was Horrified!


Daniela Liverani is a 24-year-old girl, who comes from Edinburgh, Scotland. She loves traveling around the world and visiting exotic and far – off places. Recently, she was on a trip to Southeast Asia, with only a backpack. When she came back home, she had no idea that she had brought along a stowaway from Vietnam.

While she was in Asia, she had fallen off a motorbike. She was not badly hurt, but she started suffering from nosebleeds after the accident. But, she just shrugged them off and continued with her adventure.

Once she was back in Scotland, she noticed that they were getting worse and more frequent as well. She could feel that there was something up there, but, she assumed that it was just a blood clot. More surprisingly, one day when she was taking a shower, she felt some sticky mass touching her lips. She got out of the shower so she could look in the mirror.

She could not believe what she saw – there was a large, veiny mass protruding from her nose. Then she immediately realized that there was some kind of creature that was living in her body.

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