This Simple Trick for Cleaning Bathroom Tiles is 100 Times More Powerful Than Chlorine

Bathroom is the least favorite area of the home to clean and numerous people can agree on that. Everyone, especially women, want to have the perfect looking and clean home even the bathroom.

This is why women all around the world are buying products from the markets that cost a lot in order to clean their home, but what they are not aware of is that these products are loaded with chemicals that can do so much harm to them and their family members. These cleaning products should be avoided as much as possible and you will need to replace them with better alternatives and in this article you are going to learn with what.

In this article we are going to present to you a homemade remedy that is even more effective than those products filled with chemicals.

Get the following:

-1 empty spray bottle;
-1 cup of white vinegar;
-1 cleaning cloth;
-1 cup of liquid soap.


  • Start with placing the vinegar on the heat for 3 minutes and after that transfer it into the spray bottle.
  • After that add the soap and mix them well.
  • On the areas that you are going to clean, spray from this mixture and wait 1 minute and after that just wipe it out with the help of cleaning cloth.
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