What The Urine Color States About Your Health!

No one likes to talk about urine openly, but the color, consistency and smell of your urine can say a lot about your health. These factors are a mirror of what you consume as well as your health condition.

Urine is made up of 95% water and other substances such as urea, creatinine and organic and inorganic compounds. The usual color of the urine is yellow due to the presence of urobilin, a biochemical by-product of the breakdown of old red blood cells.

Here’s a color chart for your urine and what it reflects:

1.Transparent urine

If your urine is transparent like water, it is probably caused by over hydration. This is not as problematic as dehydration, but too much water in the body may water down electrolytes and cause chemical imbalance.

2.Light yellow urine

This is the normal color of the urine and means that you’re well hydrated.

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