Vegetarian Completely Loses It After Eating Meat For First Time In 22 Years

Stephanie Potakis was a devoted vegetarian and has not eaten any meat since the fourth grade. For this reason she went to an upscale Chicago Steakhouse to eat some. She was going to eat meat after 22 years. Some luxury meats were prepared for her by Chef Chris Pandel at Swift & Sons.

The first one was the crispy chicken thigh. The first bite gave her a look of pure joy on her face. She said that she now understands what juice meant. The flavor oozes out with each bite. This is a thing which does not happen with vegetables ever. The second one was bone marrow. She had seen many cooking shows where people rave about eating it. She commented that she will eat it for the rest of her life after the first bite. It was her new favorite meal now, pointing at her plate. And finally, her last taste of meat was a tender ribeye and A-5 Wagyu. This put a smile on her face one more time. She couldn’t compare these with the previous ones. One of them has been god, but the other one stupid good. She said that it was like butter and that she did not know it existed, but tasted like meat.

This has been a whole other level of food that she was not aware it did exist out there. Now, she is so excited to be a part of it. She hugged the chef saying that she was happy and thanked him.