She’s Washing Her Lips With A Toothbrush. It Is So Good, So It Became Her Routine!


brush-lipsFull, beautiful lips are now very modern and every woman thinks that they should make surgeries or some treatments. However, there’s a simple trick in order to make your lips bigger.

You will achieve the desired result in only 5 minutes.

The lips massage is a priority: Take the toothbrush and massage your lips with circular movements. It increases the bloodstream and removes the extinct skin from the lips, while making them soft.

Give your lips enough humidity. Grease them with a lip balm or with a Vaseline.

Take an ice cube and slide over the lips. It will also increase the bloodstream.

If you want your lips to look fuller, before putting a make-up, apply a bit of cinnamon or hot pepper on the lips. These spices contain ingredients that will irritate your lips and they will look bigger than before.

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