Ladies, Here’s What Your Monthly Cycle Says About the Health of Your Body. Pay Attention to the Color Scheme! (SCHEME) (VIDEO)

Menstruation. Every woman has to go through that, but for many it is not easy. Your menstrual cycle may give some warning signals of serious diseases in the entire body.

Here is what we must pay attention to:

1. Light blood color can indicate a problem with the thyroid gland

If you use oral contraceptives, the emergence of light colored blood is something usual. But if you do not take anti baby pills and the color of the blood is very light, then hormonal imbalance is possible. Visit endocrinologist!

2. Painful and long cycles must be reported immediately to your gynecologist!

Many believe that a strong pain during the cycle is something completely normal. But they are wrong! Women often believe that they have to endure the intense cramps, but in this case, you must do something about it!

3. If your menstruation is late or absent, it is usually a sign of pregnancy. But, if the pregnancy test is negative, consult your physician

Missed menstrual cycle may indicate some disorder in the organism. It could be on the development of insulin resistance or diabetes.

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