What’s Your Personality According To The Way You Hold Your Fist!

From the nonverbal cues of words we can see almost everything that we need to know about a person. The body language is known for decades and we can see one person’s personality just by following it. For this topic there are many written books that you can find today and read and one of those books is Studies in Expressive Movement by Philip Vemon and Gordon Allport. In the book you can read about what nonverbal cues a person that is extrovert or introvert gives.

If someone knows to read the body language that someone will definitely know to recognize the personality type of other people.

Hand movement is one of the most important cues and according to this there are 3 personality types. All you will need to do is to clench your fist but do it naturally and be relaxed like you are doing it without purpose. After that you just need to pay attention to the position of your thumb.

1. What tells that the person’s personality is witty and emotional is if the fingers are curled around the thumb when you make a fist. These people for their cause they can manipulate with others and they are socially savvy. They are very flexible in achieving their goals in life. They prefer a night with their partner at home alone instead of going out in public. They see the good in other people and that is why they can easily forgive.

2. What tells that the person’s personality is sensitive and really insecure is when the thumb is on the top when you make the fist. They are imaginative people and they want to know everything. These people’s humor is sarcastic and they want so bad to be respected by others. They are not showing too much emotions and that is why their partners often feel unloved.

3. What indicates an intelligent, creative and charming person is tucked thumb. If the fist is clenched like a boxer with the thumb tucked in it indicates that these people work hard until they reach their goals and they have confidence. If the things don’t go as they have planned they will be very fragile. The people they really love need to be their support and encouraging partner if they want for these people to stay in their life. But since they are afraid that can smother the partner they often try to distance themselves from their partners. They have troubles in letting go the past.