Woman Sets Her Husband On Fire For Sexually Abusing Her 7 Year Old Daughter


Have you heard the story that caught the internet by storm lately? It’s shocking! A woman set her husband on fire after she found out that he abused her 7-year old daughter sexually!

Tatanysha Hedman, recently discovered that her 52-year old husband Vincent Phillips sexually abused her 7-year old daughter. She received the information from another man, and after getting home, she lit her husband on fire! The 40-year old woman waited until Vincent went sleeping, the poured a combustible liquid over him and lit a match. She admitted intentionally setting him on fire to the police because shooting would have been “too nice for what he did.”

Vincent didn’t die however, so he’s now facing charges of 1st degree sex crime, while Hedman is facing arson and assault charges.

What are your thoughts on the case? Should Hedman’s reasoning at the time be taken into account for a lenient sentence? People around the country are worried that she’ll be charged for the crime of passion. Tatanysha is currently awaiting a court hearing in jail.