WARNING: You Need To Stay Away From This Oil! It Releases Dangerous Chemicals!

According to a recent survey, coconut oil, olive oil and butter were proved to be really healthy and beneficial oils for cooking, in comparison to the vegetable oils.

Specialists have discovered that the vegetable oil releases harmful chemical substances which can lead to cancer and other deadly illnesses.

In order to look deep into the matter, the experts conducted several surveys more and found out that when cooked, the vegetable oil releases high amounts of ofaldehydes, chemical substances which are connected to cancer, dementia, heart issues, and so on.

Professor Martin Drootveld, after one of his surveys, has claimed that fish & chips fried in vegetable oil are loaded in toxic aldehydes for 200 times more than the allowed limit. In addition, he says that butter, olive oil, or even lard releases less aldehydes in comparison to the vegetable oil.

Coconut oil is proved to release the lowest amount of harmful chemicals, which makes it the healthiest cooking oil. Nevertheless, no matter which oil you use, any fried food should be avoided because it is highly harmful.

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