Your Mouth Is Always Dry!? Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why Your Mouth Could Be Dry!

Dry mouth is a common problem that many people have and it usually is completely harmless. Nevertheless, if this issue lasts for longer period of time, it may be one of the symptoms of diabetes and joint issues.

If you are dehydrated or nervous, dry mouth is normal. However, constant dryness in the mouth, or xerostomia in medical terminology, may show a severe health issue that impacts almost every 5th individual.


Because of the hormones

One of the most common reasons in women is certainly the menopause, due to the fact that hormone imbalance causes drying of the mucous membranes in the body.

When there is a problem in the nose

Continuous mouth breathing may be because of nasal congestion due to colds and allergies to pollen. Nevertheless, the cause may be narrowed or blocked nasal passages, an abnormal bite (causing the mouth not to be completely closed at night, which leads to mouth breathing) or abnormally large tonsils.

Decongestant medications

They operate on the principle of narrowing the blood vessels in the mucous membrane and therefore reducing swelling and facilitating the breathing. An indirect effect of this is that the nasal cavity takes less fluid, which means that causes “dry” nose. Whether they are used in the short term, these medicines, can offer relief, but long-lasting use can trigger constant dryness of the nose and the mouth.


Mouthwashes that contain alcohol have the ability to eliminate the bacteria in the mouth, however can also cause dryness, due to the fact that the alcohol dries and aggravates the mucous membranes. Saliva protects against cavities and gum illness, therefore dry mouth can cause an increased risk for both issues. Therefore, choose mouthwashes that do not contain alcohol.

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