How People Deal With A Break Up According To Their Zodiac Sign

Experiencing a broken heart and the process to deal with it is an unavoidable event in everyone’s lives. But different people experience heartache in a different way. Some wallow in their sadness while others recover pretty quickly. Dealing with a break up can be influenced by the characteristics people get from their zodiac signs. A Scorpio can have a difficulty with possessive feelings, but an Aries is flexible to the changing circumstances.

Continue reading to find out the healing process for each sign.

Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio are signs often characterized as the ones that suffer the most from feelings of abandonment. Often mixed up with anger, their sadness makes them feel betrayed. They need a mourning period where they can process their confused emotions. If not careful, anger can easily transform in hatred, which is equally binding as love, and they can become stuck in the past.

Although Taurus look like they have a calm façade, if their security is disturbed they will need some time to remove their vengeful thoughts. They need to push themselves into a new direction as soon as possible. Cancer is the most sensitive, they feel as if a part of them was ripped, but they need to shape up and learn to get back on their feet.

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