From eating disorders to No Diet Approach – losing weight Inside Out

I’d like to tell you a bit about myself.

From very young my thoughts focused around my body image. I didn’t call it that at the time, being too young to realize that’s what I was directing so much energy towards, but body shape, weight, and whether my body could be attractive or if I was perhaps fat.

I don’t even have a clue where I got those ideas. Perhaps I was more aware of body because I was in ballet classes and the environment was constantly discussing diet and weight, or perhaps it just had to do with the fact that as humans, we’re constantly involved in comparing ourselves to others.

Comparing ourselves

So I compared myself to everyone else in my surroundings, and didn’t like what I saw. Some might have called me a pretty girl, some might have described me as not exactly skinny but definitely not fat.

But none of that made the slightest difference to me. I got drawn more and more into the world of body and eating.

In early adolescence I was already counting calories, doing loads of sports activities, and no matter how much I weighed, I always felt fat, and was keen to lose weight.

There was a short period where I was really skinny, even in my own view of myself, and I was so proud of that, living on very little food even though I still didn’t really like my body.

Then, suddenly, in my early twenties, a traffic accident occurred that changed my life. In addition to extremely severe back pain, I started to put on weight without any apparent reason.

I continued being careful with food, continued sports activities despite the dreadful pain… so why was my weight increase out of control?

Weight increase

In just a few months, I put on around 60 pounds.

If the usual methods of cutting back on food and upping the exercise weren’t going to work, no problem: there were other options. Big problem: nothing I tried worked. What did I try? Shakes. Pills. Slimming tea. Everything that came with a promise.

Result? No weight loss.

Sometimes I would drop a few pounds. Then they’d all come rushing back.

I’m sure you know how frustrating that is.

At some point I even became bulimic: uncontrolled eating, controlled vomiting and diarrhea afterwards.

Should you give up weight control?

Some two years later, colored by almost incessant weight increase, and incessant failures to overcome the weight gain, I raised my hands in surrender. At that same time, I also switched my academic track from an MBA in Business Management to Body-Mind Medicine.

The more I learned about the body mind connection, and the more I encountered the deepest parts of myself, the more I understood that the diets I was obsessing over were taking a huge toll, both physically and emotionally.

At some point, I decided to give up on diets.

No, not because I’d accepted some kind of alternative ideology but simply out of exhaustion and despair. I was just sick and tired of dropping a little and then finding I was gaining it back again, with interest added! Or at least, that’s how it felt to me.

I was sick and tired of avoiding the things I loved.

I was completely fed up with suffering.

I just said to myself, “Liat, this is how you look, and probably how you’re going to continue looking. Thin, you’re never going to be, so just accept it…”

I really didn’t like how I looked, but I decided to stop with the dieting. I promised myself never to go back to that. Not to diets. Not to bulimia.

It changed my life

I decided on a drastic change.

Instead of hating my body, I started learning to accept it as it was.

Instead of fighting myself over food, I started eating what I really wanted.

Instead of seeing food and eating as the enemy, I invited my private food monster to a dinner date.

I learned to familiarize better with myself, with my internal demons, and that internal Audit Committee that was always on my case with some negative comment or criticism.

I met my deepest emotions, my truest wishes.

I met my fears and beliefs.

I met myself, at last.


And you know?

It was the most fascinating and important meeting of my life.

Without intending to, I started losing weight.

Not only did I lose weight, but my entire body shape began changing.

If previously I’d thought my body was only the outcome of genetics and the math of (what I eat minus what I expend) calories, I now discovered that there was a Black Box with all my body data: emotions, fears, beliefs, thoughts – and all of them were actually part of my physical body.

When they changed, my body began changing too.

Helping others

Now, when my journey has been fashioned into a method, I know that the Black Box idea wasn’t entirely a joke. Diets themselves are the very reason why we suffer from excess weight.

As a healer I began applying to others those same stages I underwent. They worked! Not only on me, but also on many, many others, time after time.

The people I was helping were also amazed how their weight started to drop just when they’d given up on dieting. They also learned how their fears and beliefs were part of the reason for their excess weight. They began understanding that struggling against their body, wishes and urges was bringing them to increased weight instead of weight loss!

They learned how, by fighting their own nature, there was only one loser: themselves.

Yes, like me, they gave up on dieting, learned to familiarize far more deeply with their true selves, and began dropping weight.

I cofounded Set & Success so more people will be able to learn what I have learned along the way; to discover the secrets to losing weight from the Inside Out.

I am glad you are here, reading these words, and I hope and believe
they will help you make some amazing changes in your life.
Stop dieting and start losing weight from the inside out.
It is possible, and as I learned, it is really the only way to go…

To your Success,

Written By Liat Ben Yakov

liat ben yakov

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