Infertility: The Problem No One Wants to Talk About

It can be a tough issue for anyone to talk about because it is just such a loaded topic.


Anxiety. Inadequacy. Uncertainty. Frustration. Sadness. Hopelessness.

These are just a few of the many emotions that make the struggle to conceive something many would rather keep to themselves. There is probably a lot of wisdom in being discrete about your plans to start a family (and avoiding the added pressure of well-meaning relatives, friends, and co-workers).

However, NOT going to anyone prevents you and your partner from getting the support, help, and resources that you most need during this time! One of the #1 things we come across at our office in our work with fertility patients is a HUGE lack of awareness about the natural approaches available and just how powerful they can be – both as stand-alone treatment and as a complement to conventional fertility treatments (IVF, IUI, etc.). Two of the most evidenced based natural approaches to optimizing are acupuncture and nutrition.

Did you know??

  • Research has shown that acupuncture can improve success rates of IVF/IUI procedures by almost double. It can also increase sperm motility and count, increase blood flow to the uterus, balance hormones, aid in menstrual cycle regulation, and reduce prescription medication side effects.
  • Studies show that nutritional deficiencies can be a major contributor to infertility, especially Vitamin D, selenium, and folate. Optimum nutrient status is also vital in protecting against some causes of miscarriage and birth defects. We can identify imbalances using specialized labs and correct them with therapeutic-doses of evidence-based nutrients.
  • Food intolerances (especially gluten) have significant relationships in the research with hormonal imbalance and decreased fertility.

Each couple’s needs are unique and it takes a united approach to start a family – so we work as a team with both partners to develop treatment plans that are customized, targeted, and responsive to each individual’s needs. And this is when we see the most powerful results.

Maybe this doesn’t apply to you, but it’s likely you know someone who is trying to start a family and not seeing the results that they would like.

If you know someone who needs some assistance optimizing their fertility – help them connect with us and start a conversation about natural fertility solutions. That’s what we’re here for – let us help you or your loved one tackle the problem no one wants to talk about.

Tips how to talk about infertility

When talking to someone about infertility, do your best to be sensitive and empathetic. Here are a few tips:

  1. Start the conversation by expressing your concern and asking if they would like to talk about it.
  2. Avoid using language that implies blame or fault, such as “why can’t you have a baby?”
  3. Listen actively and try to understand their perspective.
  4. Be supportive and let them know that you are there for them.
  5. Offer your help and ask how you can support them
  6. Suggest seeking professional help such as fertility clinic or counselor if they haven’t already.
  7. Remember that everyone’s experiences with infertility are unique, so be patient, understanding, and non-judgmental.

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